Little Bitty

Little Bitty

This 12 week series highlights the GREAT BIG things God does through little bitty faith, little-known people, and seemingly insignificant circumstances. We studied the books of Philemon, Haggai, and Titus learning that to build God’s church we must first be God’s chuch. That means living the Great Commandment – love God and love others, and the Great Commission – make disciples. Elevation Church is founded on these biblical commands and we strive to live this way as individuals and as a collective.

Next we invested four weeks in studying some little-known characters from the pages of Scripture. Our mission was learning to live elevated lives. In the story of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4), the man named Pain, we found elevation through prayer. In Zaccheus (Luke 19) we see the importance of perspective. Our perspective of Jesus affects our understanding of Him, and of ourselves. Then we found Abigail (1 Samuel 25), the wise wife of Nabal the fool. Abigail’s wisdom served to protect her husband, herself, and the future king of Israel. We wrapped up the character studies with a man whose bold action seems insane. Benaiah (2 Samuel 23) was a man who chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day…and emerged victorious! From him we learned the power of proactivity. All of these little-known people took little bitty steps of faith that put them in positions to be blessed personally and used by God as examples for all time.

Finally we spent the final month of Little Bitty examining stories of little bitty faith and the Great Big blessings God brings through it. Jonathan and his armor-bearer (1 Samuel 14) had just enough faith to venture out of hiding in the midst of overwhelming opposition and ended up defeating a huge contingent of the Philistine army with God working through them. We saw God heal a woman (Mark 5) who had suffered for 12 years with an unknown illness causing her to bleed incessantly. She had just enough faith to reach out and touch Jesus’ clothes and because of her faith God healed her on the spot. Then we learned from Naaman (2 Kings 5), a big shot with a big problem (leprosy), to not despise the little bitty things. Naaman almost missed out on his miracle healing because he thought God’s solution was too simple and not grand enough for such a big-time man like himself. Finally we closed the series by examining the stories of two poor widows (1 Kings 17 & Mark 12) who lived 1,000 or so years apart but who both showed what God can do with our little bitty gifts. We learned from them the BIG biblical principle of generosity and agreed that God is a generous God who gave it all. We are made in the image and likeness of this generous God and are called to be generous givers as well.

Through this series God challenged me personally, touched my family, and grew our faith. He also did BIG things in the life of Elevation Church. We moved from our living room to MMOV Studios (1865 McGee Ln in Lewisville) in July. We saw our average weekly attendance double from June – August. Several in the Elevation Church family made life-changing decisions to place their faith in Jesus, followed by our first baptism celebration! I pray God did great big things in your life as well.

Now we depart from Little Bitty the series, but the lessons are ingrained and our lives are changed. We will now live with a better understanding and appreciation for the little bitty things, relaizing that even the most minor experiences have huge implications when God is involved!