Jonah – Chapter 1

In the first chapter of Jonah we discovered:

  1. God spoke to Jonah. God also speaks to us but we need to be attuned to him in order to hear.
  2. Jonah ran. Like Jonah, we often run when God speaks because with God’s communication comes our application. And application can be difficult, challenging, even scary.  Ask Jonah!
  3. God pursued. God loved Jonah enough to let him run, but also to not let him get away! He loves us that way, too. Wherever we try to run or hide, God is already there.
  4. Storms are a chance to turn around (repent). God loved Jonah so much he sent a storm to get Jonah to turn around. He does the same for you and me. God uses the ‘stormy’ seasons in our lives to reveal his power and grace and give us a chance to run back to him.

Next week we will close out chapter one and go through chapter 2. This is where the BIG FISH enters the picture and it really starts getting good! See you Sunday at 4:30 and we will discover the truth behind this big fish story.