Got Dirt?


Everyone has dirt in their life. I do and you do. But what do we do when the dirt is more than skin-deep? When it cannot be washed off with soap and water? What do you do about that deep down, inner dirt? The dirt that hurts?

That is the focus of this 3 week teaching series from the life of Jesus. We will discover what it means to be dirty, how to use your dirt for good, and how to live clean in a very dirty world.

No clean people allowed! Come as you are – dirt and all!

10:00 a.m. every Sunday, March 25th through Easter Sunday, April 8.

Got dirt? Get clean!

Listen to Week 1 – “Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet”. Download MP3 (right-click and Save)

Listen to Week 2 – “The Good Samaritan”. Download MP3 (right-click and Save) 

Listen to Week 3 – “The Cost of Clean”. Download MP3 (right-click and Save)