Every Sunday our eKids have a blast learning about the Bible in age appropriate environments. Our kindergarten through fifth grade eKids enjoy  interacting with engaging characters in Bible-based adventures that lead them to know God, grow in their faith, and go share God’s love with others.  We use a multimedia approach to reach kids with the Good News of Jesus including video teaching, cool music, live skits, interactive games, and more.

The eKids preschool uses a similar curriculum and approach as our elementary ministy, but scaled down for younger minds and smaller hands.  Preschoolers enjoy a memorable lesson with lovable characters and easy sing-alongs.  With this age group we also use hands-on play, arts and crafts, games, and more to capture and hold their attention while ensuring they have fun!

Our littlest eKids spend Sunday mornings in our nursery room.  Your birth-to-two year old will enjoy age appropriate toys, songs, and even a little rocking chair time with our loving staff and volunteers so you can relax and enjoy the worship gathering with peace of mind.